Malta Granite


Desana Marble Works is the leading Granite supplier in Malta. Granite adds immense value to the home. It is an investment which gives a luxurious look and feeling, and thus it is greatly appreciated for its artistic value. Depending on how it is used, it can make a home more inviting, or very formal.

Being a naturally beautiful stone, it is the most popular natural stone for the home. Granite is available in many colours and finishing styles, from polished to matte or textured.


Why choose granite?

    •    One of the hardest materials in existence
    •    Very difficult to scratch
    •    High durability
    •    Great artistic value
    •    Gives a luxurious atmosphere

Granite is relatively quite expensive but offers many benefits, especially in areas which are used alot, like the kitchen and the bathroom.

As clearly shown, granite is the most long-lasting natural stone in existance which gives great value for money. For granite kitchens, granite countertops, granite tiles, black granite, white granite, and any other type of granite, contact Desana Marble Works today and checkout the greatest Malta Granite selection with best value for money guaranteed.

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