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Malta Kitchen Tops

Desana Marble Works manufactures stunning, high quality, durable marble, granite and quartz kitchen tops and counter tops, custom-made to fit any size and type of kitchen.

Granite kitchen tops are in high demand and granite has become the most popular counter top material. This is due to its durability, together with the fact that it does not allow moisture and acid to penetrate. After it is properly sealed, granite is almost impossible to stain, very difficult to scratch, burn proof, very hygienic and easy to clean.

Marble kitchen tops are more elegant and classic and it require more care and frequent cleaning. At Desana Marbles we can apply sealants to your marble kitchen tops or tiles to greatly minimise the chances of permanent stains. We have a wide variety of marble and granite to choose from, from white and light colours to darker tones.

We also manufacture Quartz kitchen tops and counter tops. Quartz it is the 4th strongest mineral in the world and provides basic natural resistance to scratches and stains.  Quartz kitchen tops are also very popular because they give a very decorative look to the kitchen.

At Desana Marbles we also supply polished or honed kitchen tops and wall gladding. We can mix different colours and texture finishes for both kitchen tops and wall gladding. In other words, this means that we can provide polished kitchen tops and honed wall gladding, or vice versa, to create a remarkable atmosphere in your kitchen.

And for a perfect finish, we provide you with a choice of edges that complement your selection of stone. In the picture below you can see various edges to choose from. While the basic edges are free of charge, the more complex ones entail a relatively small charge.

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information.

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