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Desana Marble Works is the chief Marble supplier in Malta.  Marble has decorated walls and floors of cathedrals and palaces for centuries. Ancient civilizations also used marble stone to create statues that are still standing today.It was very popular then, and it is still very much in use nowadays.

The most popular place for marble in the modern home remains the kitchen - where marble kitchen tops can spell the difference between a normal kitchen and a striking one - and the bathroom, especially for vanities. However, marble can also be laid on floors for living rooms and halls, bedrooms and dining rooms with equal ease.Another use for marble is for wall cladding, especially for building façades.

Desana Marbles
Ltd supplies a large variety of marble in different colour shades and textures. Marble has great artistic value, gives a luxurious feeling and is quite hygenic.  We can apply sealants to the marble, which help to minimize the chances that liquids containing acids will leave a permanent mark on the marble surface. It is important to note that marble can stain; so any spills should be dealt with as quickly as possible.However, an advantage of marble is that if it is re polished, it is restored to its original state, and most stains will disappear.

Using natural marble gives an impressive and superior look to any combined setting, whether it is classical, rustic or modern.

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