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Porfido (Porphyry in English) is a volcanic lava rock.It is the result of a long and intense volcanic activity that began around 260 million years ago. Porfido is among the hardest and most resistant rocks, particularly suitable for external floors and walls.

Porfido is a very versatile and noble material. Due to its physical and mechanical characteristics, as well as its wide range of colours, it can be used for diverse applications.This type of stone is often used for outdoor applications because it is highly resistant to both extreme high and extreme low temperatures.Due to its high compression breaking point, Porfido resists wear and resists chemicals. It needs almost no on-going maintenance and has a long life span, which makes it a cost-effective long-term choice.

Porfido can be used to complement various surroundings. It can be used for fireplace surroundings, pool surroundings, feature walls, footpaths and others. The range of uses for Porfido is endless, not only because of their durability and Mediterranean appeal but also because it is a natural material which is environmentally sound, everlasting and with an infinite number of designs in which it can be used. Porfido fits all these applications and can be worked into cubes, pavers, tiles, irregular flagging, kerbstones, borders and rustic wall veneer.

By combining the range of Porfido products with other materials, a simple lane, pathway or forecourt becomes an innovative work of art.

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