Malta Staircase

Marble Stairs and Staircases

Using natural stone for flooring, stairs and staircases will surely add charm to any home, hall, office or building. Desana Marble Works produces marble and granite stairs of the highest quality, custom-designed to perfectly fit any required dimensions.

Stairs are a true reflection of artistic trends, of technological advances and of the values of an era. Originally built from stone, stairs are still visible in the ruins of most ancient buildings that have survived until today. Their construction took into account the same determining factors that are still considered today: their use and location. Furthermore, one can decide whether to give stairs a ‘centre stage’ or just a background role in any project.

The application of marble and granite to stairs, staircases and flooring varies according to these factors as well as the client’s tastes. At Desana Marbles we consider practicality: if the staircase is set in a public location, we can provide highly durable, non-slip steps; if it is set in a home, the homeowner may have different requirements such as creating a more sophisticated look. By discussing these issues in detail with each client we are capable of achieving outstanding results.

At Desana we create various designs and styles of marble and granite stairs. Some may choose a smooth finish that tends to enhance the appearance of colour and veining, while others may opt for a rough finish which reduces the significance of veining and any other natural marking.

At Desana Marbles we produce custom made steps and risers of any size and texture to suit your needs. We can completely transform your property by giving it a totally unique look, turning it into a showcase that you can truly be proud of. 

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Photos by Ray Attard